Acoustic guitarist Will Baird creatively transforms popular songs into new instrumental arrangements with a mellow, relaxing style.   His bright, resonant acoustic guitar and lush, beautiful backing tracks create a unique "full ensemble" sound. 

He has introduced his unique style to over 10,000 listeners in the past two years, including thousands of listeners in Covid vaccine clinics;  guests of lawn concerts and receptions; viewers of almost 100 episodes of the streaming show "JamTV" and listeners of his own monthly show, "Will's Place​". 

​​His instrumentals range from the music of James Taylor to Coldplay to U2.  “It’s not the songs that move people, it’s the style”, Baird says.  "I like to slow down the tempo of familiar songs so that they're relaxing but familiar to the audience." 

The effect of his mellow style became apparent when Baird performed in front of a live audience in 2020 and asked them to describe his music (see their words in the blue box).

“People want to relax.”   Baird says, ​ ​“And this music does it.”   

Prior to becoming a solo guitarist, Baird was an award-wining singer-songwriter for fifteen years, performing extensively in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  


(203) 912-8958