Mellow Music to Soothe the Soul

Guitarist Will Baird plays relaxing, modern popular music in a unique style designed to promote relaxation and and a restful environment.  

“Music soothes the soul”, says Baird.  “That’s why I shifted to become an instrumental guitarist and arranger.  Because calm, relaxing music has an effect that we really need in our lives”   

The feel-good combination of Baird’s bright, resonant acoustic guitar paired with lush, beautiful backing tracks and relaxed versions of popular songs became quickly apparent when Baird performed in front of a live audience and asked them to describe his music (see their words at right).   

“I had a lot of things I was expecting to hear, but I didn’t expect it to be such a coherent message – people want something to make them feel good right now,” Baird says, “And this music does it.”  

While his relaxing guitar playing is most prominent, his use of his own high-quality recorded backing tracks transforms every performance into the sound of a virtual ensemble.   

Re-arranging originals and popular songs of the sixties to the present, Baird routinely draws street crowds in Harvard Square, and is an increasingly frequent repeat performer on streaming Internet shows such as JamTV.  

Instrumentals range from the music of James Taylor to the Eagles to traditional folk music.  “It’s not the songs that move people, it’s the style”, Baird says.  "I like to slow down the tempo of familiar songs so that they're relaxing but familiar to the audience."  

Prior to becoming a solo guitarist, Baird was an award-wining singer-songwriter for fifteen years, performing extensively in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. 


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